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We source, select and present the best candidates for positions in various industries and functional areas.

Briefing / profile analysis

We discuss with our client the details of the position, the characteristics of the project and the particularities of the corporate culture. A large part of the success of our projects is based on a good knowledge of our client.


Publication of job advertisements

We research and select the best options for publishing job advertisements. In addition, depending on the type of profile required, we focus the search on other specialized channels.


Direct search

if it is relevant for the search, we study the possibility of a direct search for candidates, for which we contact potential candidates with the required experience and skills.


Study and assessment of candidates

  • Study of CVs and documentation submitted and pre-selection of candidates.

  • Contact with the candidates of the first pre-selection. 

  • Interview (in person or by videoconference) to assess experience, skills, soft-skills, languages and technical knowledge if necessary.

  • Search for references if requested by the client.

  • Final evaluation of candidates and comparative presentation of shortlisted candidates.


Candidate selection

During the final selection process, we remain in permanent contact with our client and regularly inform them of the progress made. This continuous exchange and feedback is maintained from the time of the interviews between the candidates and our client until the acceptance of the offer by the selected candidate

  • Progress report on the selection process

  • Report with an overview of the final candidates

  • Arrangement of interviews between the candidate and our client

  • Feedback with the candidate and with the client on the interviews conducted

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