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DaaS (SW-Developers as a Service).

We offer the possibility of sourcing to a nearby country, rather than to a more distant location.

Nearsourcing Advantages


closer skilled professionals with similar educational backgrounds


greater flexibility in responding to changing business needs or project requirements


same time zone and cultural similarities facilitate communication and collaboration


better knowledge transfer between teams leads to greater innovation

Lower costs

it offers cost savings compared to hiring local talent

European legal framework

more legal security leads to no uncertainty

DaaS \
what we do

In essence, our tailored talent search process for the IT sector is geared toward ensuring that you receive highly skilled and adaptable IT developers who not only meet the technical demands of your project but also seamlessly integrate into your IT environment. This approach enhances the prospects for successful IT project outcomes and long-term partnerships.

1 / Understanding your IT Project Needs

In-Depth Project Assessment: Our journey begins with a deep dive into understanding your IT project's intricacies. We explore the project's technical requirements, scope, and objectives in granular detail.

Technology Stack Understanding: Given the dynamic nature of IT, we focus on comprehending the specific technologies, frameworks, and tools relevant to your project.

Scalability and Flexibility: We consider the scalability and flexibility requirements of your IT project, ensuring that the talent we source can adapt to evolving needs.

2 / Profil Description and Technical Requirements

Role Definition: Our team works closely with you to define the roles needed for your IT project. This includes specifying responsibilities, skill sets, and experience levels.

Technical Expertise: We meticulously analyze the technical skills required for each position, accounting for programming languages, development methodologies, and domain-specific knowledge.

Certification and Qualifications: In the IT sector, certifications and qualifications often play a crucial role. We ensure that candidates meet necessary certifications and qualifications when applicable.

3 / Presentation of IT Developers

Technical Evaluation: We employ a rigorous technical evaluation process to assess candidates. This might involve technical interviews and portfolio reviews to gauge their proficiency.

Soft Skills Assessment: Beyond technical prowess, we also assess soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, recognizing their significance in IT projects.

Cultural Fit: We consider the compatibility of potential candidates with your organization's IT culture, ensuring a smooth integration into your team.

4 / Assigment of our IT-developers to the project

Technical Matching: Our collaboration with you becomes paramount as we match the best-suited IT developers to your project. We align their technical expertise with your project's technical requirements.

Project Dynamics: We take into account the specific dynamics of your IT project, including methodologies (e.g., Agile, Scrum), timelines, and deliverables.

Adaptability: In the ever-evolving IT landscape, we emphasize the adaptability of our chosen candidates to ensure they can pivot as needed throughout the project lifecycle.

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